Blue screen on mac laptop

Repair Startup Disk Using Disk Utility –

I am a college student and I can not afford the Mac stores fix prices let alone a new laptop.

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Omg some combo of the above listed solutions just worked for me so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Before black screen would come on, it was updating software. Finally finished updating after PRAM reset. Battery charger remained yellow until PRAM too. Then it finished with an install 15 min left. Mine must have crashed in the middle of an OS Installation. When it finally turned on it was finishing the install 15 min remaining. Working fine now for over a week. I found a video instructing to gently press the black strip at back of laptop when laptop is closed, which DID help enough for the screen to flash on and off, or be fully dimmed but slightly readable none of this was easy..

Cheers for this solution page :. Thanks so much! I was having a panic attack about my mac possibly dying on me and this worked instantly! None of the previous methods worked for me by its own. This has already happened to me 2 times so I will tell you what I have done, I do not know what part of the process is what really works but it works.

Bluescreen while booting on MacBook (DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL)

My symptoms were: I turned on the mac and it sounded but nothing appeared on the screen. So: 1. Try the 4 steps given in this forum at the beginning. Go to the safe mode for this to turn on the mac and then press SHIFT immediately , sign up and try to adjust the brightness manually in settings, also try to change the screen used tv vs mac and try again and again to change the colors of the screen and connect and disconnect the HDMI.

My symptoms Battery went flat.

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I connected charge, started charging and pressed power on with charger connected charging successfully. No matter what I did I was back to same scenario after about 20 varied attempts.

Step 1: Run Disk Utility

The keyboard was illuminated the first couple of times but then was not after the first few attempts. I read here that booting may have been completed so on a whim I connected external monitor. The resolution was wrong but after disconnecting the external monitor it went back to correct resolution. Came for more of an explanation of what went on, having already figured out my macbook was on but the display was black.

I tried logging in and it worked! So an upvote for that solution anyway. I love forums. I have a MacBook Air. Over the past couple days I noticed if I just had my laptop away and unplugged from the TV my screen would be almost black. My F2 and F3 buttons would sporadically work. Bippity Boppity Boo. She is running like a pro again on both screens I am mirroring them at the moment.

Thanks so much for putting this together!

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  • Saved the day! A big kiss from france since the keypress sequence solved my problem, which was completly unexpected. I tried all possible ways and nothing works for my macbook retina display What can I do? I dropped my macbook and then got the black screen problem. I closed the laptop, flipped it over, and mashed on the upper right corner. All fixed! I never usually leave comments of articcles, but this saved my day.

    This morning I tried to turn on my MacBook but the screen was black.

    I freaked out and immediately searched online, found this article. Option 1 worked for me, thank you so much! I had the Black Screen issue then flickering lines.

    Mac Pro frozen on blue screen at startup - Apple Community

    Did all the solutions posted on many sites and none worked. My mackbook Pro is now working again without screen issues. Hope this helps. My MacBook Pro is all black too. Did somebody lose theirs? Thank you. My mac book pro was on when I closed the screen and kept it for about a day or two without using it. I opened it and hit the power button. I did a hard shut down and rebooted the system. On pressing the power button, all I could hear is a boot sound and the screen is black with no keyboard light.

    I tried rebooting it with no success. I connected it to my LG tv using the hdmi cable and found that the system was actually booting successfully but the screen wont display. However, the keyboard light was back. I then try the Pram reset as demonstrated in a video on u-tube by pressing the command, option, R, P and power button together until I heard two boot sounds, then released the buttons at once.

    I heard a third boot sound as mentioned in the video.

    2. Mac Stalls During Startup

    It still did not work. I kept the system for about three days trying to figure out what to do. Then just about now I tried the pram reset again as described here.

    Blue Screen of Death On Mac

    I press the power button and after the booting sound I pressed command, R, option buttons then the screen just resume before I press the P button. I think the Pram reset would have work for me the first time if I had done it as described here. Thanks a lot.

    How to Fix Grey Screen at Startup on Mac

    Thank you!!!! I tried everything and nothing worked. I know there is nothing wrong with the screen since I Frankensteined it with a Mac a year newer and it worked perfectly. Also mine flashed the two times I rebooted it before I got the black screen. I tried all the different tips but it seems like PRAM worked. I heard the reboot sound twice but the screen was still black. So I hit the power button and suddenly light appeared! I also removed a sticker in front of the webcam because I saw people here wrote about brightness and I wondered if it was unable to adjust properly, so whether it was the sticker or PRAM not sure.

    Then, my computer rebooted and it worked! I tried all of these and none of them worked! I fell asleep while holding my laptop and it was still open.

    I freaked out. I tried closing it and opening it, no luck. I tried plugging it in and pushing the power button. I heard the chime noise but just a black display.

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