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We will next move to the impact of the economic changes and of the trade in the thirteenth century on the politics and culture of Dai Viet, specifically the coastal control of the Tran dynasty based on commercial development. This development anticipated what would later happen at Pegu and Ayudhya to the West, except that here the capital did not shift to the coast; rather, the coast took control of the old capital itself. With the rise of a coastal culture, wealth and power consequently led to a split with the inland, upriver core of Dai Viet.

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In the fourteenth century, attempts at integration of lower and upper, coastal and inland Dai Viet continued as the coastal culture drew in inland elements even as it superseded them--a process generally seen as a struggle between Buddhism and Confucianism. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while.

Read preview. We use cookies to deliver a better user experience and to show you ads based on your interests. If the elastic coefficient of milk demand on that period is 0. Through practical production and consumption, socio-economic growth trends, population growth rate and GDP growth rate of Ha Tay province to Forecasting the provincial consumption level I.

The export condition of our breeding products In the years before , exported products are mainly pork. In the early s beef and duck products increased. The highest year was over 5 thousand tons of beef; 1, tons of duck meat which made meat export volume reached nearly 23 thousand tons. From prospects of export increase by the year , seemed to be clear. Table Exporting situation of poultry products in — Previously, the meat export market was mainly former Soviet Union. The highest year of exporting to the Bulgaria market was just only over tons. These types of goods are sold as frozen and packaged according to specifications.

In addition, there are also some of the pork trading contracts to Singapore, Laos and lean pork to the Netherlands. However, all these agreements are based on temporary veterinary decrees and generally unstable. In addition to major products, hair and skin also take advantage to pre-process for exportation. In recent years long ducks for exportation has increased relatively from tons to 1, tons and reached 2, tons but over the past 2 years long ducks export decreased. Leather products of cattle have also been considered as an important product.

Few years, our leather shoe industry is developing quickly so cattle leather can be sold with a higher price for exporting to Thailand. Exporting pork of Vietnam according to major markets Table Processed meat export in I.

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Through small trading ways through the land border gates in year , we exported 77 tons of live chickens worth thousand USD, 16 tons of pre-processed chicken worth 70 thousand USD, turnover from eggs reached 3. In the past, volume of imported poultry was not much and if carried out through land border gates the volume was only about 30 - 50 tons. However, in recent years the poultry export volume has been increased considerably for example in as imported chicken products reached 1.

The above results show that the trading of poultry products was unpopular and listed in our agricultural export products. The exchange traders completely self-develop and because of no contract production so it still causes disorder production for domestic consumption. This is a big issue of a large poultry industry. The advantage of breeding is its fast turnarounds; the low food cost for 1kilogram weightgain was not taken advantage. International market tendencies Global meat market has increased in mid-decade 90s, mainly by high speed increase of poultry meat and pork production while the level of beef consumption per capita almost did not increase.

Among the major factors affecting the meat industry, the price of food animals is the most crucial one. In addition, increase in residential income and urbanization has encouraged consumption demand to increase. Mad cow outbreak in Europe, foot and mouth disease in Taiwan, avian influenza in Hong Kong has forced the countries producing to destroy on large scale due to the concern of infection and forced the consumption countries to strengthen food safety measures which have caused the disorder in the supply — demand balance of the global meat market.

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On the international market, the proportion of the total EU export volume in the total global export volume have decreased therefore policies supporting exporters are gradually eliminated. Meanwhile, importers of Japan tend to rise along with policies reducing import duties. The implementation of agreements on measures for food safety opens new opportunities for exporters in the regions not affected by diseases.

The recovery of the market countries with economic transition - Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union after a decline period from the reformation - is another encouraging sign of becoming the major regional import — export markets. The regional agreements, such as NAFTA also bring opportunities to improve the infrastructure of the livestock sector and meat processing in the region.

Pork II. Beef II.

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Poultry maet has replaced beef and food becoming second important part in many countries around the world, mainly due to low price compared with other types of meat and food safety as well as by being highly accepted for regional believes in many countries. Consumption level per capita expected to annually increase 3. The growth rate reached the highest in Asian countries. Import of developing countries and countries with economic transition contributes an important part to the poultry trading. An important part in the poultry trading is that china will be the country exporting many cheap poultry products such as chicken legs and chicken wings, while exporting a large quantity of high value-added products.

Hong Kong and Singapore are other major importing countries while imports from Taiwan more limited. Russian imports is expected to double to meet the increase in domestic needs. Increased import Level mainly will be met through supplies from the U. Average export prices of poultry meat expected to increase 2. However, due to avian influenza arising on a large scale affected seriously to demands and poultry product prices.

Perhaps, in a short time there is no comprehensive solution for this issue so a slowly increase in supply sources makes the price increasing. Vietnam export potential The study predicts that exporting ability in the far future is very difficult, especially when Vietnam lack both experience and databases, excellent experts Table below may show that the vital role of exporting meat products and animal husbandry at red river delta still catches much attention because red river delta have a high position in the export.

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Vietnam rice and meat exporting forecast - II. Science and technology Since science and technology as a lever, is a force to develop agriculture and rural economy in line with the modernized and industrialized orientation, only constructing and developing high-tech agriculture can improve the competitiveness of agricultural products.

In recent years, the areas of agro-forestry and fishery raw materials cooperating effectively with centers, the phrase, processing facilities have produced products for export with a high quality. At the same time developing new farms in key communes needs to reach 4 million chicken heads, according to the following directions: based on farms of scale on 10, heads with a capacity of 3 million of which types 10 to 20 thousand heads accounting for 45 farms, Types greater than 20 thousand 22 farms, type of scale over 40 thousand chicken 13 - 15 farms.

Type with scale less than 10 thousand children with capacity of 1 million chickens in which there are kinds of scale with 5 - 10 thousand chickens are from to farms. With the herd scale development above, in , the province needs In , we need After depending on specific conditions, we can select bases with suitable conditions for seed production, investment to enlarger the kind of scales with over 40 thousand chicken which can be used for seed production and raising chicken for trading.

Starting from the food source restriction, food demand highly increased, the province needs to have policies to encourage all sectors to participate and to suggest solutions to an effective management to create an efficient motivation to develop food production- delivery network more stably and to avoid the risks of quantity and quality food which are not guaranteed that are: have suitable tax policies to help relevant enterprises working in food service operate more effective in Ha Tay.

A good measure to lower the food price of the first period is transfer technology transfer to mix food from different animal food companies for animal raising farms according to farm self-mixing formula of manufacturer. Because the food quality needs to be determined by the age to have the right ratio of protein, energy, vitamin so it is necessary to strengthen state management, especially the action of casually building food processing bases.

In the period - ha tay should not build new ones. Raw materials for food production and processing in next time are mainly still bought from outside the province or be imported because the price is cheaper than that to buy raw materials domestically, but to lower the price it should exempt import tax and tax incentives VAT.

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At the same time Province also needs to have policies to promote production of all kinds of seed materials for food production and processing on the basis of increasing areas of winter crops needed to consider to reduce the maize areas in the plant converting the structure. It is more important to attract maize sources for trading in Northwest and create conditions for joint-venture food production capacity.

One of the necessary conditions is to take the land to build houses for raising industrial chickens and chicken industry drop by the garden according to the projected targets mentioned in plan in the period - which is , m2 and , m2 in the period Meat processing Currently in Ha Tay, there is a company of food processing for Export which includes 2 branches with a considerable processing technology with design capacity of 3, tons per year, 1 branch with the capacity thousand tons per year.

In year , each month it processed tons and according to reports this company got 1.


Thus processing areas of the province is very modest compared to the volume of meat production. The trend of building new meat processing factories will be associated with the breeding areas which supply raw materials for export processing to closely facilitate links between stages of production materials and processing stages. Initially, it is vital to develop the capacity of scattered poultry slaughtering houses in the large scale animal raising farms with a domestic production line in accordance with each type of farming.

The province advocates supporting the operation of 30 major slaughter houses which is considered as a necessary work in the period - The water used for testing shall be obtained from an approved source. All other items not covering the proposed technical solution shall remain. The entire design for alternative solutions is the obligation of the Contractor.

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