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Seconding this. Emulation can be iffy for reasons, but hell, half of Fire Emblem's require emulation to play in English, anyway. And I very much agree with the assessments on good starting points.

Looks like XCom 2 checks all the boxes. You might also like Divinity: Original Sin 2, though you'll only manage four characters. Sunrider mask of Arcadius is free on steam. Its a visual novel turn-based strategy game. I think Final Fantasy Tactics is on Steam.

I'm not sure, but if it is, buy it immediately. Western fantasy style TBS game.

2. Rune Factory

PC: Kamidori: Alchemy Meister. Damn Trapper Knight looks hella interesting. The idea of having a lord that puts traps is just so different and refreshing. About to buy it. Kamidori has too much non-gameplay stuff, and Wesnoth is too much randomness for me. Are you a warrior who uses strength and fighting mastery to bring peace, or will your power bring pain and ruin?

Fun time passer. With strategy, dungeon exploring, and 30 floors of discovery and boss battles against familiar characters, this RPG still stands out as times pass. In the game, the player builds Harry Potter-themed worlds and complete challenges. Little Busters!

Like Clannad, the game was rated for everyone, meaning there was no inclusion of adult elements as was with the original versions of both Kanon and Air. Tolkien's Middle-earth. It has 12 episodes 6 history and 6 legend, harder that history , each organised in 10 stages and also 7 stages from myth the hardest.

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  • Moonlighter is opening up shop and slaying monsters on Nintendo Switch | VentureBeat.

It is set within the fictional Marvel Universe and features many of the superheroes, supervillains, and supporting characters that appear in publications by Marvel Comics. The player takes the role of a new G. The game takes a light-hearted look on the defense of the human race from aliens.

This is a spin-off game of the main Hyperdimension Neptunia games, focused on Blanc and featuring zombies. It was released on January 23, as a downloadable title for Microsoft Windows.

Games like Fire Emblem, for PS4, Mac or PC

Captivating quests and an insanley large amount of XP and upgrading available to characters make the ninth installation in this series as captivating as the rest. Take the role of a set of adventurers that need to save the land. Features a multi-level dungeon with a wide array of player races and classes. There is only one dungeon and one city. This is a PURE dungeon crawler with basic graphics, originally released as shareware.

It has good action sound FX and music. The player aids the batter in purifying each zone, at points following the advice of the judge. As the player aids the judge in their quest of purification and solves the puzzles throughout the game they will learn more about the world the batter inhabits.

The official servers are due to shut down on March 31st but it will still be possible to play the game for free on the Schthack private server. Four races available: human, newman, cast and beast. The game emphasizes on missions, synthesis of items and more. It's like Baldurs Gate or Icewind Dale but with better graphics. Torment places emphasis on conversation and storyline instead of combat. The scenarios are made up of dozens of maps that take you on your quest though wild areas inhabited by dangerous animals, villages in which you must help locals solve their small and big problems, to towns, dungeons, and settings of a large variety.

The game is complete, with the latest build being Version 1. The game takes place in the Tandor region, where the player must collect 8 Gym Badges in order to compete in the Tandor Regional Championship. Build your character from a ninety-pound level 1 teenager, to an incredibly puissant, magically imbued warrior, well able to snuff out the lives of a barnload of bugbears, all without the tedious micromanagement and other frustrations common to most online RPG's.

Top-down view of the battlefield with pseudo-3D terrain and more heroes to control at the same time. No leveling system here, heroes gain general experience and gets better in what they use automatically.

7 fantastical indie RPGs worth playing

Originally released in onto only the Macintosh. Tim Phillips eventually ported it to the PC. Realmz is an extremely addictive questing RPG that features all of the best elements of pen and paper games with no limit to how many scenarios can be played. It features an awesome soundtrack with a certain space-western type feel to it. It was developed using the OGRE framework.

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  2. Capcom's 'Teppen' card game pits Chun-Li against Dante!
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  5. Pure fun. As developers say, it has unique hardcore world, that takes best from famous RPG's. As a result of environmental pollution, most of the earth is covered by the so-called wastelands, contaminated deserts with ruins and shelters where only mutants live. The only exceptions are the oceans and the cities, which grew larger and larger until they merged together to form giant megacities.

    Feist's approval. It uses a randomly generated rogue-like game style where death is part of the game. Fight against monsters inside a changing castle and when you die, your descendants will take on after you, with all your equipment to hold.

    Konami says Sony made the call to drop 'PES 12222' from PS Plus freebies

    The main objective is to level up your character and hunt the ultimate drops. These landscapes are vast, floating islands, whose composition and architecture are defined by the Gods themselves. The Caribbean. A place of opportunities and mysteries. Take a role of Charles de Maure - a young French noble who arrived to the New World to assist his brother.

    What seemed to be a simple family matter, turned into a lifelong adventure! Warring States Rance is the 7th game in the series of Japan-exclusive eroge computer role-playing games "Rance" published by Alice Soft. Yours is a world of layers, in which continents orbit at different elevations around the planet.

    Those at the top, the Chosen, consume massive amounts of energy and dump their waste down to the layers below. Now they have begun a descent to the Core, a living computer, in their search for the Gift of the Creator, fabled to bestow great power. At first you stand in the way of the Chosen, fighting to slow their march to the Core, and protect your homeland.

    But it is you who will ultimately discover Septerra's true nature, as you journey out of the familiar surroundings of your home country, and come face to face with the Legacy. This game was designed mainly for WinXP.

    38 Games Like Recettear : An Item Shop's Tale for Mac OS X | Game Cupid

    It also has strong influences from Sacred. It does so without modifying the executable files on disk, so there are no permanent side effects.

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    Touching story. Beautiful graphics. With graphics in the cut-out style of the episodes, and all the familar characters. You play as the space reporter, Ulala, to tackle the Rhythm Rogues by repeating dance movements in time to the music. Stunning 3d effects and a wide array of ships and components to equip your ships with, follow the campaign or become a renegade, you are free to do what you want, when you want!

    Contains RTS, arcade- style top-down space-craft battles, text-adventures etc. Presented with a "2. Very reminiscent of the Harvest Moon series in gameplay. Although only a few key elements of the story remain.

    games like recettear for mac Games like recettear for mac
    games like recettear for mac Games like recettear for mac
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    games like recettear for mac Games like recettear for mac
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    games like recettear for mac Games like recettear for mac
    games like recettear for mac Games like recettear for mac
    Games like recettear for mac

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