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However, I've never been a fan of Christine McVie's straight-ahead pop, which became increasingly prevalent as the 70s wore on, so she's pretty much absent from this mix the gentle "Why" being the exception. A few caveats. I don't have the album Penguin, finding it the weakest of the bunch, so nothing from that to be found here wouldn't mind revising this mix if someone's got a copy, though.

And, alas, this period of the band is in dire need of remastering; the cd's sound like they were mastered off an old cassette, burying undeniable beauty like "Jewel Eyed Judy" under a sea of hiss. As most of the albums are fairly inconsistent with the possible exception of 's Mystery To Me, by which time Spencer and Kirwan were long gone and the band was firmly in the hands of Welch and McVie , culling them down to tracks per album definitely benefits the band.

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Bare Trees was a favorite from my college days. I like everything thing they did through Tusk. Nicely done. This is a period from which I've heard very little, so I'd be interested in hearing your selections I was always a fan of Bob Welch, both with the band a his solo albums. He's a hit-and-miss songwriter but the ones that worked were terrific. I do have the "Penguin" LP along with all the others from that period and before on vinyl, so if you're looking for a particular cut just ask. And the vinyl does sound like the music should sound.

Thank you for making this mix! I, too, am a big fan of this Mac era. The best cut on Penguin for me is "Dissatisfied", but maybe that has too much of Christine in for your taste. I guess Mick and John deserved all that success after paying their dues so long. I would like to hear more from this period.

Hypnotized is, by far, my favorite Mac cut, outside of the insane Tusk experiment. I too love this phase of Mac. Rumours was certified 14x platinum. Greatest Hits was certified 3x platinum. Rumours was certified 17x platinum. The release of Time created little stir for the band. Greatest Hits was certified 4x platinum. Fleetwood Mac returned in grand style.

The Dance , a recording of their live performance in L. Many have asked, "what prompted the reunion? Mick had asked Lindsey to record on his solo LP and eventually the other members of Fleetwood Mac were brought in as well. The band members apparently like working together again and the music they were creating - and viola, The Dance which featured 4 new songs.

The Dance debuted at 1 on the Billboard Albums chart where it stayed for a week. The Dance was certified platinum. Fleetwood Mac returned to the Top 10 with " Silver Springs. The Fleetwood Mac reunion tour ended in Maryland. Christine McVie was reportedly exhausted by the intensity of touring. Daily Variety has reported that the rest of the band had wanted to continue touring after the holidays.

The tour and LP were both considered financial successes for the band, and there was talk to take the tour overseas. The Dance was certified 2x platinum. The Dance was certified 3x platinum. Fleetwood Mac hit the Top 40 with the live version of " Landslide.

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac was the latest group to be immortalized with a LP of their tunes. Rumours was certified 18x platinum. On future touring, Fleetwood said: "Lindsey Buckingham has had a dose of rock 'n roll The Dance was certified 4x platinum. Greatest Hits was certified 8x platinum and The Dance was certified 5x platinum. Tango In The Night was certified 3x platinum and Future Games was certified gold 29 years after its release. VH1: Greatest Albums includes Rumours at Christine does not have a comfort with traveling and performing live anymore.

I think it is fair to say that this was sort of an important gig for us, because we did it without Chris. She'll be missed. Fleetwood Mac are pulling together for another LP. Mick Fleetwood stated: "There's no shortage of new material. Lindsey is starting to work through the songs already -- that's the way we always do it in Fleetwood Mac.

Oh Well (Pt. 1) (2013 Remaster)

So Stevie and Lindsey are going to do their solo things this coming summer, and then it's going to be full tilt into Fleetwood Mac. The re-grouping at this time wouldn't include Christine McVie. Rumours was certified 19x platinum.

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Fleetwood Mac released Say You Will. Fleetwood Mac hit the Top 40 with " Peacekeeper. Say You Will was certified gold.

Buckingham released Seeds We Sow. Vintage live Fleetwood Mac - Boston - was released.

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It was announced that Fleetwood Mac would be back with a tour kicking off in September that will also include Christine McVie her return to the group after 16 years. McVie told Rolling Stone : "About two years ago. I started to think, "What am I doing? I really miss that camaraderie with those four people. I miss everything about it. I knew that they were my musical family. October 3 : Rumours was certified 20x platinum.

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