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Templates customised to exactly solve your business problem can be a fairly large investment.

If I were you, I would try very hard to make the nice templates Microsoft offers for free fit your need! Anything offered for Office or later is going to be a problem. Without the converter, they will not open at all in Mac Office versions earlier than For help, click here to access the Mac Word newsgroup:.

We do not work for Microsoft!

Word:mac - Using Windows Templates on the Mac

We're just other Word users, like you, but with some accumulated knowledge and experience that we're happy to share. The MS Download site is a complex active server site, and early versions of Safari will struggle with it. No, Mrs. Spend some time looking around before choosing. The Office site is huge. Stick to templates produced for the programs you own, and you will have a much higher chance of success: anything written for Word, Excel or PowerPoint is very likely to work.

Word has a booklet function we do not have on the Mac. When you change page size to A4, some template features will be thrown off such as the perforation lines for business card templates , so be prepared to make adjustments. When you find one you think might be suitable, click the Download Now button. If all goes well, you will see the Your operating system does not meet system requirements error page. That page was placed there specifically at the request of us Mac Addicts, to explain what to do next.

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The rest of this article gives you the same explanation with a little more detail. You will download a file whose name consists entirely of a number and which has the extension. If you have an Intel-processor Mac, Stuffit has a bug that may prevent it. Only one way to find out Usually, the. So if you chose Word, it will contain a. Sometimes, the CAB will contain more than one file.

If all went well, the file will open.

How to Make Business Cards in Microsoft Word

It may appear to be entirely blank its only content may be hidden macro code. The other time you may find out is when you try to use the macro.

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Some errors will occur only when the macro tries to run e. Right-click the crosshair again and select AutoFit. Choose "Fixed column width". This will prevent the table from changing shape as you add information to the first cell. Add your information to the first cell. You can use all of your regular Word formatting tools while typing in the cell. You can insert text boxes and images, change fonts, add color, or perform any other formatting that you'd like.

Proofread the card. Before copying the information into each of the other cells, take the time to review it now for any errors or typos. If you proofread later, you'll have to change each cell instead of just changing the first before copying it. Select the entire first cell when you're satisfied. You can quickly do this by moving your cursor to the bottom-left corner of the cell until it turns into a diagonal arrow. Click and the cell's contents will be selected.

Copy the contents of the cell to the clipboard. Place your cursor in the next cell and paste the copied information.

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Your copied information will appear in the cell in the right locations. Repeat this for each of the cells on the page. Right-click the crosshair again and select "Table Properties". Click the "Borders and Shading" button and select "None" for the border. This will ensure that parts of the cell borders don't appear when the cards are cut.

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Find good paper for the cards. You'll want a nice card stock paper to print your new business cards on.

Microsoft Word Tips - Business Card Templates

Make sure that your printer supports the type of paper that you get. You can also send your completed file off to a printer to have the cards professionally printed. Use a precision cutting tool. Avoid using scissors or other cutting tools that require you to maintain a straight line. Use professional paper cutting tools to make sure your cuts are even and properly measured.

Office 2008 for Mac For Dummies

The standard US business card size is 3. Can I have information printed on the back of the card? How do I do that? You can put the paper back in the printer and print on the other side, just make sure the paper is facing up with the already printed side facing the ceiling.

Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful Not Helpful 0 Helpful 7. You need to change the margin type to 'Custom Margin'. Then you can just change the sides according to how you want them. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. When you print, it has an option for single or double sided and choose double. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. How do I add a logo to the business card when making it with Microsoft Word? Look at the top, go to "Insert" and find a button named picture or image and choose the file.

Get it to the right size, and copy paste it onto the other cards. Unanswered Questions. What are the standard measurements for a business card and how should I cut the card after I have printed it? Answer this question Flag as Flag as How do I print different business cards on the same page? How do I use business card templates on Word ?

How do I put an online photo on my business cards in Microsoft Word? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

mac word 2008 business card templates Mac word 2008 business card templates
mac word 2008 business card templates Mac word 2008 business card templates
mac word 2008 business card templates Mac word 2008 business card templates
mac word 2008 business card templates Mac word 2008 business card templates
mac word 2008 business card templates Mac word 2008 business card templates
mac word 2008 business card templates Mac word 2008 business card templates

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