Best mind mapping software for mac os x

Order your thoughts and put your plans into action with these mind map tools

Mind mapping helps you organize your thoughts, remember things and generate new ideas. We've created a beautiful, intuitive app, so you can mind map wherever you are and whenever you want. I've been using SimpleMind Lite for many years. So thankful this product continues to be developed, because it's great.

6 Best Mind Mapping Software For Mac OS

Ease of use is outstanding. Quick and straightforward to get ideas out of my brain and into a visually compelling format. I use it primarily for marshalling my list of to-dos and for organizing my thoughts for writing projects. Features I wish for: a option to create a to-do list directly from a mindmap that can be clicked to mark items done and b outline view copyable so that I can copy-paste into a word processor. I put this on my iPad and Mac, started using it to organize my ideas a bit better than an outliner or list maker.

It is a pretty good mind mapper, and if you need all the functionality of a full up mind mapper, go for it. You can even attach files to nodes in MindNode by simply dragging them over the node. This can be really useful when you want to refer to files on your Mac from your mind map without having to search or navigate through the Finder to locate the file. You can do this by right-clicking on the node and selecting Fold Nodes , selecting Fold Nodes from the Node menu, or by holding the option key and clicking the plus button it will change to an ellipsis, or three small dots.

Best Mind Mapping Apps For iOS

When you fold a node, all of its child nodes become hidden; when you unfold it, they all return to their original location. This allows you to get a high-level overview without getting into the minute details of your mind map. All of this functionality establishes the key benefits of using a mind mapping app instead of mind mapping on paper. A digital mind map is much more flexible and gives you many more options in terms of layout. You can even make additional external connections between nodes with different parents if you really want to tie things together.

While it may not be as transformative an update as version 5 was, MindNode 6 adds a welcome layer of polish to an already-fantastic app.

What makes XMind different?

MindNode version 5 completely revamped the layout and interface of the app to make it easier to use and improve discoverability of important features. Version 6 builds on that overhaul by introducing Focus Mode, adding multi-select on iOS, unifying keyboard shortcuts across macOS and iOS versions, adding a search function to the sticker library, and allowing iOS users to customize the action panel to include their choice of two quick actions.

The ability to use an external display from iOS and customize its display resolution also sets the stage for more robust external display workflows in upcoming versions of iOS. MindNode offers rock solid in our testing iCloud sync with the iOS version. We encountered no problems in our tests with MindNode. The iOS version of MindNode is clean, beautiful, and easy to use. And with version 6, the iOS version has near feature parity with the macOS version so you can work on your mind map just about anywhere.

The end result is that it is incredibly easy to access and edit your mind map, even on the limited screen real estate of an iPhone. In fact, mind mapping on an iPad is sometimes even easier than on the Mac because you can just drag nodes around with your finger on screen. Within the project, the outermost leaves of a branch become individual tasks, and intermediary nodes become project headings with simple text breadcrumbs to indicate further hierarchy.

You must also explicitly set the outermost leaves as task type nodes in MindNode before it will let you export the project to Things — a step that makes sense semantically but is probably unnecessary. If you want to either import data into MindNode to get a head start on your mind map or export into another program or app, there are a variety of importing and exporting options in MindNode:. You can download the apps for free from their respective App Stores to try them before you buy, and both include a free 2-week trial of the additional features before deciding on the in-app purchase.

If you find yourself needing a bit more from your mind mapping application, iThoughts could be for you. One example of these additional features is that you can actually edit your mind maps in iThoughts via Markdown through the Marked 2 app integration. By opening the same mind map file in both iThoughts and Marked 2, you can edit your mind map in real-time using Markdown in Marked 2 and see your changes displayed in real-time in iThoughts.

You can also create mind maps using your voice with Siri dictation with the iOS version of iThoughts.

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It supports just about every file format for mind mapping available, including:. This is really handy as it keeps all your links right inside the app and adds them to your mind map automatically. In fact, all you have to do is select a node and press Research in the contextual menu and the in-app browser will open and do an internet search for the term from the node.

Like MindNode, iThoughts also supports a ton of keyboard shortcuts. Another power user feature is x-callback URL support.

The Best Mind Mapping Software in

Join our community on Discord. The Best 1 of 8 Option s Why? Best mind mapping tools for Mac Price Platforms Languages See Full List. My Rec ommendation for XMind. My Recommendation for XMind. Add Video or Image. All Top Pro. Extremely flexible. Top Con. For iOS devices, data link must be online before XMind can start. Clean, easy to use UI.

FreeMind files sometimes don't work. Used to offer their NOT-free products. Built-in Gantt view. Newer versions become heavyweight and bloated. A wide variety of templates available. Very good performance. Local Network Sharing.

Free and open source. Audio recording pro. Task management pro. Hide See All. Recommend Technically an ad but we made this. Very reliable recommendations on what to buy. Plugs right into Amazon to save you money. Interested in promoting your product? Contact us. My Rec ommendation for Scapple.

My Recommendation for Scapple. BraveAnitunTabu's Experience. It looks abandoned. No linking between documents. Trial version available.

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No mobile or web app available. Recommend 19 3. My Rec ommendation for MindMup.

best mind mapping software for mac os x Best mind mapping software for mac os x
best mind mapping software for mac os x Best mind mapping software for mac os x
best mind mapping software for mac os x Best mind mapping software for mac os x
best mind mapping software for mac os x Best mind mapping software for mac os x
best mind mapping software for mac os x Best mind mapping software for mac os x
best mind mapping software for mac os x Best mind mapping software for mac os x
best mind mapping software for mac os x Best mind mapping software for mac os x

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