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Learn why people trust wikiHow. Author Info Updated: December 27, Learn more Steps 1. Enter the desired household.

Chances are, the Sim is already pregnant; if not, you'll need to get them pregnant. This can be done naturally using a double bed, a hot tub, a clothing booth, or in the case of male Sims, alien abduction. Some expansions allow for further places to Try for Baby, such as Nightlife's cars. You'll hear a chime if the Sim becomes pregnant in all cases except for alien abduction. Activate testingcheats.

Click on Spawn. You may need to click More Click Tombstone of L and D. This will spawn a tombstone near your selected Sim. Find and click Speed up My Pregnancy. This will make the pregnancy progress in a matter of in-game hours. If the option isn't available, your Sim is not pregnant, and you will need to try again. The satellite on your lot also gives access to the Alien Channel on TV.

Set Sim Age - Testing cheats must be enabled.

Delete objects, create more money, and more

Select the active SIM. Run the cas. You can also bake a cake and put candles on it and make your chosen sim interact with it to age up. This cheat allows for full CAS editing. When death is false , death is disabled and no sims will die. When set to true your sims will resume kicking the bucket due to typical game circumstances.

Spawns random Sim but does not add them to your household. Great when you need extra Sims for parties and events.

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They'll stay until you tell them to go home. Real estate is Free when toggled on. When toggled off, normal prices resume. Money [x].

Sims 2 super collection mac

X is the amount of money you want your household to have. Beware that it will subtract funds if the X amount is less than the current household amount. Hospital : must have at least: surgery tables, exam beds, 1 front desk with computer and chair, treadmills, chemical analysers, x-ray machines, 1 snack machine, extra computers away from front desk, 1 toilet and sink, 1 microwave and counter.

Police Station : must have at least: 1 front desk with computer and chair, 1 interrogation table with 2 chairs adn 1 one way mirror object, chemical analysers, 1 crime map, 1 booking station, 1 snack machine, extra computers away from front desk, 1 toilet, sink and shower, 1 microwave and counter. Cell Doors and cell walls, 1 table and 2 chairs. Allows moving of objects onto places on the grid where they would normally not be allowed. Use the 9 and 0 keys to adjust the object you are holding. Be aware this can cause some unusual visuals as you're placing items in an area they weren't originally meant to go.

ALT key. You can max out skills using the cheats listed below. You need to set the level for each skill cheat by placing a 1 through 10 after the cheat. If you don't set the level, the cheats won't work. Regained humanity, still a vampire, but s vampires seem safer and kinder. Sims more likely to give permission to drink. There are some constraints, for example if you have a sun weakness equipped, adding a sun resistance will not work. Requires a Sim ID. Use the sims. Select "Add to Family". Select "Cheat Need" and "Make Happy".

Select "Modify in CAS". This cheat brings the selected Sim from the game and into edit in CAS. You can fix body issues, make new clothing choices Select "Reset Object Debug ". Select "Make Clean". Select "Make Dirty".

How to Do the Boolprop Cheat on the Sims 2: 7 Steps

Select "Teleport Sim". In play mode, click the TAB key.

The Sims 4: Parenthood Cheats

That gets rid of all the gameplay control icons. You can move the camera around using the following keys:. Press the CTRL key and the scroll the middle mouse scroll button back or forward to stretch or shrink your camera view so you can get fuller room screenshots - It will distort depending on how much you've stretched the camera.

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23 Sims 2 Cheats in 3 minutes

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snydekoder til sims 2 mac Snydekoder til sims 2 mac
snydekoder til sims 2 mac Snydekoder til sims 2 mac
snydekoder til sims 2 mac Snydekoder til sims 2 mac
snydekoder til sims 2 mac Snydekoder til sims 2 mac
snydekoder til sims 2 mac Snydekoder til sims 2 mac
snydekoder til sims 2 mac Snydekoder til sims 2 mac
snydekoder til sims 2 mac Snydekoder til sims 2 mac

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